Oscars 1944

Best Picture WinnerGoing My Way
Best Picture Nominations 'Double Indemnity', 'Gaslight', 'Since You Went Away', 'Wilson'
Best Director Winner
Best Director NominationsAlfred Hitchcock for 'Lifeboat', Henry King for 'Wilson', Otto Preminger for 'Laura', Billy Wilder for 'Double Indemnity'
Best ActorBing Crosby in 'Going My Way'
Best Actor NominationsCharles Boyer in 'Gaslight', Barry Fitzgerald in 'Going My Way', Cary Grant in 'None But the Lonely Heart', Alexander Knox in 'Wilson'
Best Actress Ingrid Bergman in 'Gaslight'
Best Actress Nominations Claudette Colbert in 'Since You Went Away', Bette Davis in 'Mr. Skeffington', Greer Garson in 'Mrs. Parkington', Barbara Stanwyck in 'Double Indemnity'
Best Supporting ActorBarry Fitzgerald in 'Going My Way'
Best Supporting Actor Nominations Hume Cronyn in 'The Seventh Cross', Claude Rains in 'Mr. Skeffington', Clifton Webb in 'Laura', Monty Woolley in 'Since You Went Away'
Best Supporting ActressEthel Barrymore in 'None But the Lonely Heart'
Best Supporting Actress Nominations Jennifer Jones in 'Since You Went Away', Angela Lansbury in 'Gaslight', Aline MacMahon in 'Dragon Seed', Agnes Moorehead in 'Mrs. Parkington'