Oscars 1934

Best Picture WinnerIt Happened One Night
Best Picture Nominations'The Barretts of Wimpole Street', 'Cleopatra', 'Flirtation Walk', 'The Gay Divorcee', 'Here Comes the Navy', 'The House of Rothschild', 'Imitation of Life', 'One Night of Love', 'The Thin Man', 'Viva Villa!', 'The White Parade'
Best Director WinnerFrank Capra for 'It Happened One Night'
Best Director NominationsVictor Schertzinger for 'One Night of Love', W. S. Van Dyke for 'The Thin Man'
Best ActorClark Gable
Best Actor NominationsFrank Morgan in 'Affairs of Cellini', William Powell in 'The Thin Man'
Best Actress Claudette Colbert
Best Actress NominationsGrace Moore in 'One Night of Love', Norma Shearer in 'The Barretts of Wimpole Street'
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actor Nominations
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actress Nominations