Oscars 1929-30

Best Picture WinnerAll Quiet on the Western Front
Best Picture Nominations'The Big House', 'Disraeli', 'The Divorcee', 'The Love Parade'
Best Director Winner
Best Director NominationsClarence Brown for 'Anna Christie', Robert Z. Leonard for 'The Divorcee', Ernst Lubitsch for 'The Love Parade', King Vidor for 'Hallelujah'
Best ActorGeorge Arliss in 'Disraeli'
Best Actor Nominations George Arliss in 'The Green Goddess', Wallace Beery in 'The Big House', Maurice Chevalier in 'The Big Pond', Maurice Chevalier in 'The Love Parade', Ronald Colman in 'Bulldog Drummond', Ronald Colman in 'Condemned', Lawrence Tibbett in 'The Rogue Song'
Best Actress Norma Shearer in 'The Divorcee'
Best Actress Nominations Nancy Carroll in 'The Devil's Holiday', Ruth Chatterton in 'Sarah and Son', Greta Garbo in 'Anna Christie', Greta Garbo in 'Romance', Norma Shearer in 'Their Own Desire', Gloria Swanson in 'The Trespasser'
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actor Nominations
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actress Nominations