Me and My Gal (1932)

Me and My Gal
Joan Bennett and Spencer Tracy

'Me and My Gal' is a romantic drama with some screwball comedy thrown in, made in 1932, directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and and Marion Burns.

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The movie was not successful when it was released but is interesting in that it shows how Spencer Tracy, at the start of his movie career, Joan Bennett and Raoul Walsh are able to make the most of relatively weak material. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the script, which has many witty moments, but there is little to take the film out of the ordinary and it is often mistaken for, and overshadowed by, the oh so similarly named 'For Me and My Gal', made ten years later and starring Gene Kelly and Judy Garland.

The storyline concerns a New York cop, played by Spencer Tracy, who meets and falls in love with a wise-cracking waitress, played by Joan Bennett. Complications ensue when her family get invloved with a gangster, played by George Walsh, (brother of Raoul).

There are plenty of twists to keep the audience's attention and many laughs, particularly from the fast repartee and sparkling chemistry between Tracy and Bennett, (who would be reunited twenty years later in 'Father of the Bride'). Tracy, as always, steals the show, even though, with his brilliant, economical style, he never appears to be acting.

Main Cast

Spencer Tracy ... Danny Dolan
Joan Bennett ... Helen Riley
Marion Burns ... Kate Riley
George Walsh ... Duke
J. Farrell MacDonald ... Pop Riley
Noel Madison ... Baby Face
Henry B. Walthall ... Sarge
Bert Hanlon ... Jake
Adrian Morris ... Allen
George Chandler ... Eddie Collins
Emmett Corrigan ... Police Captain
Jesse De Vorska ... Jake
Lemist Esler ... Doctor
Hank Mann ... Hank
Frank Moran ... Drunk's Foil
Will Stanton ... Drunk


Director ... Raoul Walsh
Producer ... William Fox
Screenplay ... Arthur Kober
Music ... Kenyon Hopkins
Cinematography ... Arthur C. Miller
Distribution Company ... Fox Film Corporation
Release date ... December 3, 1932
Running time ... 79 minutes

Academy Awards

No Nominations: