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Robert Aldrich
Lloyd Bacon
Busby Berkeley
Frank Borzage
Frank Capra
Harry Cohn
John Cromwell
George Cukor
Michael Curtiz
Cecil B. DeMille
William Dieterle
Edward Dmytryk
Stanley Donen
Victor Fleming
John Ford
Arthur Freed
Samuel Fuller
Sam Goldwyn
D.W. Griffith
Howard Hawks
Alfred Hitchcock
Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Howard Hughes
John Huston
Elia Kazan
Stanley Kramer
Fritz Lang
Mervyn LeRoy
Frank Lloyd
Ernst Lubitsch
Sidney Lumet
Rouben Mamoulian
Joseph Mankiewicz
Anthony Mann
Louis B Mayer
Leo McCarey
Vincente Minnelli
Otto Preminger
Irving Rapper
Nicholas Ray
Wesley Ruggles
David O. Selznick
George Stevens
John Sturges
Preston Sturges
Irving Thalberg
W.S. Van Dyke
Charles Vidor
King Vidor
Joseph von Sternberg
Hal B. Wallis
Raoul Walsh
Orson Welles
William Wellman
Billy Wilder
Sam Wood
William Wyler
Darryl F. Zanuck